Monday, October 31, 2011

Giveaway: Caribbean Vegan!

Today is the last day of MoFo, and so I have saved my personal favorite for last. Today is a giveaway for Taymer Mason's Caribbean Vegan! I was a tester for this cookbook so I have lots of photos.

Made and loved: Island burger on salt bread with sauce chien, fried plantains, sweet potato fries, and coleslaw. I actually want to eat this right now.

Made and loved: Creole spaghetti.

Made and loved: Caribbean potato salad.

Made and loved: To-fish.

Made and super-double-puffy-heart loved: Trinidadian doubles! You have here layered bara (my bara breads are not supposed to have a greenish cast--I used green split pea flour instead of yellow. Don't tell Taymer I put this photo up.) covered with curried chick peas covered with layers of cucumber chutney and mango chutney. This is Trinidadian street food. You buy it just like above except rolled in waxed paper with the ends twisted. You can sort of see the rolled up one in the background.

Made and loved: split pea soup made with Taymer's amazing everyday vegan ham and wet Bajan seasoning (that is the wet seasoning below).

Made and loved and you will have to imagine it: hearts of palm and tofu scramble, christophenes farci, Caribbean pilau, basil tea, thyme tea, and peanut punch. There were only two or three recipes in this book that I've tried that were not stand-outs for me, and they are beloved by everyone else, so I think it's just a personal preference thing.

Want to make, to start: banana bread, sorrel drink, mashed green bananas, lentil patties, and Bajan stew with dumplings.

Seriously, I love this cookbook. I love the way Taymer thinks and writes about food. I love how she can execute. Have you seen her blog Vegan in the Sun (currently on hiatus, but hopefully more to come)? She can do Caribbean and she can do French, and she is really, really talented. The flavor profile of the everyday vegan ham is spot on in my opinion. This past summer she was experimenting with different vegan ice cream bases, and they were stunning.

Besides fantastic recipes throughout, Tay is funny and spends a lot of time giving you a real feel for the islands. The photos are gorgeous. There's no vegan cookbook like this one. So, obviously you need your own copy. And you're in luck, because The Experiment has been kind enough to provide a copy for the very last day of MoFo! Thank you, Molly and the rest of the company!

To enter, please leave a comment below. Tell me which recipe you might try first, or where you've been or want to go in the Caribbean, or anything at all. This giveaway is open to US residents only. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator and posted tomorrow.

* * *

The winner of yesterday's giveaway for the upcoming Inspired Vegan is Sarah C!
Congratulations to you! Please send your name and address to me at (Be sure to click on the ellipses for the rest of the email address, or alternatively use your intuition!)


  1. I've been to Cuba, but I would also really like to visit the Dominican Republic and Barbados. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  2. I went on a Caribbean cruise but didn't eat at any of the ports as you get so little time and I thought it'd be a hassle finding things I could have. It would be nice giving the food a try in my own home.

  3. I love Caribbean food! How about I try to enter a giveaway that isn't already over :-)

    Vegan Fazool blog

  4. Ooh I've been wanting this book!
    And I've been to Puerto Rico!

  5. Every photo I see of recipes from this book look amazing! I think I'd try the Creole Spaghetti first though.

  6. Ooo, I've been eyeing up this one. From the pictures you've posted, I'd make the Trinidadian doubles first.

  7. I went to Cuba once to help open a study abroad program. What great food! Thank you for having this giveaway!

  8. I spent a year of college in Jamaica. It would be great to be able to make vegan versions of the food.

  9. I am so happy when you post about recipes you *actually made* and loved. (I may have already said that in a previous comment, but oh well!) I think the burger with a side of the potato salad would be fabulous!

  10. Split pea is my favorite soup! That looks like a yummy version.

  11. The Bajan Pepper Sauce and Green Mango Chutney look amazing! (looked at the table of contents on amazon) I've always wanted to try the recipes in this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. I've always wanted to try Taymer's recipes...they all look so good! I'd start with the Trinidadian Doubles. They sound like pure vegan comfort food!

  13. I'm not terribly familiar with Caribbean food, but it looks good!

  14. I would love to go really anywhere in the Carribean, Jamaica or Cuba especially.

  15. Well, I'd have to try the Trinidadian Doubles first since it comes so highly recommended!

  16. I've never been to the Caribbean but would love to!

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