Sunday, November 14, 2010

Biscuits! Now with Gravy! And the Final Day of Tofutti Giveaways.

There have been some amazing MoFo posts about biscuits and gravy recently. I had to jump on the bandwagon, because, really, what's better than soft, fluffy, buttery biscuits with rich savory spiced gravy? Here are a couple of yesterday's Tzippy biscuits with my version of a yummy gravy.

Tempeh Gravy for Biscuits

1 8 oz package tempeh, roughly crumbled
1 sweet onion (or substitute regular), diced medium
2 T vegan butter
3 T flour
3/4 t marjoram (or 1/2 t oregano)
3/4 t rubbed sage
3/4 t fennel seeds
pinch nutmeg
1/2 t salt
1/2 t freshly ground white pepper
2 c almond milk, or choose another non-dairy milk
1 c vegetable broth
1/2 t red pepper flakes

Place tempeh in a large pan. Add water to nearly cover, and steam the tempeh for ten minutes. Allow to cool.

Saute onion in butter till soft over medium heat. Add flour and allow to cook a couple of minutes, stirring, to get rid of the raw taste. Mix the veggie broth and almond milk together and slowly add it to the pan, stirring. If you get some lumps, whisk it. Add in tempeh and spices and allow to thicken. If it is not as thick as you would like, mix some arrowroot or cornstarch (corn flour) with a bit of broth and keep adding it in until you get your desired thickness.

* * *

Since it's a Tofutti giveaway today, I can imagine that mixing in some Tofutti cream cheese could also help thicken it up and enrich it.

* * *

So let's get to that giveaway, shall we? Today's giveaway ends the three days of Tofutti! Three more winners today will win a coupon good for any Tofutti product. Will you choose cream cheese? Sour cream? Cuties? Choices! To enter, please leave a post below, telling me your about your favorite use for sour cream, something cute you saw, or anything at all. This giveaway is open to anyone who can get Tofutti products. The coupons do not specify where they can be used, so enter if you can buy Tofutti products where you live!

The winners of yesterday's Tofutti giveaway are jessibea, veganmonster, palindrome, and! Please send your name and address to me at Congratulations!


  1. There is never enough biscuits and gravy.

  2. I made biscuits and gravy this weekend too! Yours look awesome.

  3. Whenever I read Biscuits and Gravy I go "ewwww" then I laugh. Biscuits here are what we call cookies.

  4. Squeee I'm so excited I won! I'm e-mailing you right now! The biscuits & gravy look so delicious.

  5. I could practically smell that heavenly gravy as I read the blog. Mmm!

  6. I have yet to make a vegan gravy. Yours looks so good.

    Would it go with Tofutti? Probably not, haha.

  7. I love to make a quick guacamole using Tofutti sour cream, avocados, and hot salsa.

  8. Waah! I want to leave comments on your other posts, but I'm not allowed! :)

    I love that you decided honeycrisp are your favorite apples. Mine too! Sooo yummy!

    Your gravy sounds de-lish!

  9. Ohhh, I like putting Tofutti sour cream on top of Borscht, but really my favorite is the cream cheese either plain on an everything bagel or in a "cheese" cake!