Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blossoming Lotus, and a Bubbies Pickles Giveaway

This afternoon I had the pleasure of lunching with the lovely Nummers and her sparkly shoes at Blossoming Lotus. BloLo is all vegan and organic all the time, with lots of raw and gluten-free options. It was my first visit there, and I was not disappointed. The atmosphere is lovely: high ceilings, lots of daylight, a chandelier mixed with more modern lighting. Our other photo of the space didn't really turn out, so imagine what you are seeing as three or four times as wide, and with a big chandelier in the center. It's really relaxed, open and inviting, a place you like to sit in, and not a place you feel rushed. You order at the counter and get your own flatware and water while you're waiting for your food. I like that casualness.

Here's the bowl ordered by Nummers: Soy Curls, avocado, kale, brown rice, beans, and I think a smoky barbecue sauce. I was very excited about my own food and I think I didn't inquire as closely as I could have. Behind the bowl, you can see a fluttering Nummers hand. She wanted to get to that fork! She said it was as delicious as it looked!

Although it is really cold here, for some reason I wanted a salad! This yummy thing had mixed greens, spiralized raw beets, and shredded carrots with some sweet/spicy nuts and a ginger dressing. I kicked up the ginger with a big class of fresh carrot and ginger juice. This was really, really good. Although: spiralized beets can be tricky to maneuver--some were as long as my hair! I'm not too good with long thin noodles like spaghetti, and I found myself slightly flummoxed. I had to be brought a knife. This helped.

So, anyway, to sum up, if you are in Portland: go here! And grab a knife!

* * *
Today's giveaway is brought to you by Bubbies Pickles! One lucky winner gets to choose a free product from amongst the entire range of Bubbies products. Would you like pickles? Sauerkraut? Mustard? You decide. The coupon does not state where it can be used, so enter if you can get Bubbies products where you shop. To enter, leave a comment on this post, telling me about your bubbie, a pickle you got into, or anything at all. The winner will be chosen by random number generator and posted on the blog tomorrow.

The winners of yesterday's excellent Viva Vegan giveaway is Islaborg! Congratulations to you! Please send your name and address to me at miso...@yahoo.com. (<---make sure to click on the . . . link for the rest of the email address. This is a spam avoidance thing.)


  1. I just bought a jar of Bubbies saurkraut. I'm not a kraut fan but Phat Freddie is. I feel good buying bubbies because they don't use any funky chemical ingredients. I even like their kraut...coming from an almost hater, that's saying something. Bubbies rocks!

  2. I've heard very good things about Bubbies, but have never tried any of their products before.

  3. I loooooooooove pickles! Every sandwich needs a pickle or five

    rebeccastar at gmail dot com

  4. That was the first place I ate the last time I was in Portland. It's so good, and they have really good juices too. I like pickles. I have a whole batch of homemade kraut to go through so I'd definitely grab pickles.

  5. I have never had bubbies pickles, but would absolutely love to try them! I have heard so much about them and they sound delicious!

    And you have so much more self control than i do. I would never order the salad on my first time to a restaurant unless they had no vegan options.

  6. Yummo, both bowls of food look delicious! I hope to go there one day ;)

  7. I love taking P-Strips on longer hikes and backpacking trips. My favorite flavor so far is the one with lime in it. Mmmmmm!