Saturday, November 13, 2010

Biscuits! Plus More Tofutti to Give Away!

Lots of people have been posting breakfast food for MoFo: scrambles, tempeh bacon, and . . . biscuits. Here are mine, fresh from the oven. I used Tzippy's recipe for fluffy "buttermilk" biscuits. I'll take this opportunity to say yay for Tzippy, too. One day a couple of years ago, I happened across her blog, started reading, and read about this cookbook called Veganomicon that she loved. So I purchased a copy. I eventually meandered over to the PPK forums, started reading and listening, and now I've been vegan for a good year or more. So Tzippy, not only do your biscuits rock, you do too, and I get the fuzzies when I see you posting at the PPK. If you all need a good biscuit recipe, I really like this one! Another place I might send you for a vegan biscuit recipe is Vegan Explosion. Every Crystal recipe I've tried has been fabulous.

* * *

Today's giveaway continues the three days of Tofutti! Four winners today will win a coupon good for any Tofutti product. Will you choose cream cheese? Sour cream? Cuties? Choices! To enter, please leave a comment below, telling me your about your favorite frozen dessert, your frozen toes, or anything at all. This giveaway is open to anyone who can get Tofutti products. The coupons do not specify where they can be used, so enter if you can buy Tofutti products where you live!

The winners of yesterday's Tofutti giveaways are Elisabeth, Eimear, healthfreax, and patty and the beanstalk! Please send your name and address to me at Congratulations!

If you haven't won yet, don't worry! We're not even halfway through the month and there are giveaways coming every single day. I think I've got five more books, plus loads of Soy Curls and Primal Strips, plus much more!


  1. I really want to make biscuits & gravy, it looks like my kinda food!

  2. My toes might freeze today! :) Leaving my home soon to drive into several inches of snow!

  3. I became vegan in a similar way -- just stumbled across some blogs and eventually decided to give it a shot. That's why I think the vegan blogosphere is so important. It inspires people to try out vegan stuff, it makes being vegan look so easy, and it gives everyone a community to turn to when there are no real-life vegans around. (oh, I already won something so please don't put me in the giveaway running, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE mint tofutti cuties!)

  4. I love tofutti cuties. Mostly because of the name. The taste is secondary to the adorable name :)

  5. All the books by IcM treat you gently and help you land softly in the land of vegan. Sarah Kramer is another cookbook author who has rather easy recipes and pretty good replicas of comfort food.

    I think I'd go slightly crazy if I didn't have a tofutti cutie to fill in for ice cream sandwiches.

    Nice blog btw.

    Marty's Flying Vegan Review
    vegan tees at

  6. Hey. Um, I had won but whenever i tried to email you, it said it failed. Anyways my address is:

    4791 Port Dr.
    Douglasville, GA